Giacomo Vagni

DPhil Student in Sociology
University of Oxford
Centre for Time Use Research

Research Interests

Time Use, Families, Stratification
Quantitative Methods, Sequence Analysis

My Research

My sociological research focuses on the structure of daily life. I am particularly interested in social class differences in everyday family practices. Studying patterns of daily life is important to understand how resources (e.g. cultural) are transmitted from parents to children and ultimately contribute to the reproduction of inequalities.

My PhD dissertation is structured in three broad sections: (a) social class differences in time use, (b) togetherness and well-being, (c) methodological development of sequence analysis. For the time being, I am mostly focusing on the UK. In the future I intend to integrate US, France, Italy and Scandinavia in my analysis.

My dissertation is supervised by Professor Jonathan Gershuny and Professor Oriel Sullivan. My dissertation is founded by the Centre for Time Use Research (CTUR), the European Research Council and the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Other Research

1. Patterns of Daily Life Over the World

I am involved in a collaborative project with Prof Ben Cornwell from Cornell University. Together we are analysing patterns of daily life around the world.

2. Migration and Later Life Inequalities

In collaboration with Professor Claudio Bolzman we are investigating the living conditions of elderly migrants in Switzerland. We have published a paper on the health conditions of elderly migrants and another paper on the use of formal and informal care. A summary can be found at

Selected Publications

More Publications