My publications

    1. sociology_cover.jpeg
      From Me to You
      Giacomo Vagni
      Sociology, 2022
    2. pnas.png
      Observing many researchers using the same data and hypothesis reveals a hidden universe of uncertainty
      Nate Breznau, Eike Mark Rinke, Alexander Wuttke, and 9 more authors
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2022
    1. esr.png
      Earnings and income penalties for motherhood: estimates for British women using the individual synthetic control method
      Giacomo Vagni, and Richard Breen
      European Sociological Review, 2021
    2. book2.jpeg
      Family Time Together. Chapter 7. What We Really Do All Day: Insights from the Centre for Time Use Research.
      Giacomo Vagni
    1. bjs_cover.jpeg
      The Social Stratification of Time Use Patterns
      Giacomo Vagni
    1. sir.jpeg
      Alone together: Gender inequalities in couple time
      Giacomo Vagni
      Social Indicators Research, 2019
    1. pnas2.jpeg
      Patterns of Everyday Activities across social contexts
      Giacomo Vagni, and Benjamin Cornwell
    2. book1.jpeg
      ‘And we are still here’: Life courses and life conditions of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese retirees in Switzerland
      Claudio Bolzman, and Giacomo Vagni
      Gender, Family, and Adaptation of Migrants in Europe: A Life Course Perspective, 2018
    1. jems.jpeg
      Forms of care among native Swiss and older migrants from Southern Europe: a comparison
      Claudio Bolzman, and Giacomo Vagni
      Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2017
    1. hommes.jpeg
      ‪Égalité de chances? Une comparaison des conditions de vie des personnes âgées immigrées et “nationales”‪
      Claudio Bolzman, and Giacomo Vagni
      Hommes & migrations, 2015

    Working Papers

    1. SocArXiv_logo.jpeg
      Comparing Intensive Parenting Ideology in the US and UK: A Google Books Ngram Analysis and its Relationship to Maternal Childcare Time Trends
      Giacomo Vagni
      OSF Preprints, 2023
            1. SocArXiv_logo.jpeg
              Couple Time and Partnership Quality: an Empirical Assessment using Diary Data
              Eric Vagni
              SocArXiv, 2018